Wednesday, June 01, 2011

We Love Lucy

A lovely little group on Ravelry has sworn its undying love to a lovely little blog. We are up to swop number Four and I have thoroughly enjoyed this one, as much as the last few. A few messages, pleas, hooky times and shopping trips later and I’ve received this rather fabulous parcel all the way from Georgia, in the beautiful Deep South of America…


The only defining factors of the swap were

  • At least one handmade item of your choice. This can be any craft and is not limited to crochet. This item should be personal and tailored to your swap partner.
  • Yarn. Ideally at least enough for a small project or to form part of a bigger project. Quantity/price/fiber/brand are entirely up to you and your partner. You can discuss this between you via pm if you wish.
  • A handwritten card or note for your partner from you.
  • Other goodies! These can be absolutely anything! This is where it is particularly fun to ‘stalk’ your swap partner and find out as much as you can about what they would really like to receive in a package! Do they have a blog? What other groups are they a member of? What does their profile say about them? Do they have children or pets? Remember to think about their questionnaire answers as well when choosing items.


The lovely Sarah (who is not online, I’m sad to say, but can be found on Ravelry under Sayrah1124) sent over gorgeous yarns (Debbie Stoller Stitch Nation and Lily Sugar n’ Cream) that I asked for, along with pretty cards, personalised tissues, patterns, notelets, six crocheted coasters, a tote bag and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – chocolate covered pretzels. Truly my Kryptonite, but also the most fabulous means to encourage me to get to the end of projects… They are being used as bait to get me through my unfinished-objects-bag at the moment…

Gorgeous, lucky lucky lady that I am… I can only hope that Sarah enjoys the little bits and bobs that I sent over to her… Fingers crossed it arrives soon.

Don’t look now, but I may have just ticked off another part of one of my Thirty Before Thirty… One more swap down, another two to go…

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