Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Great British Family


The sis has been after me for a union jack cushion for months and months. Sadly I’m a meanie (and work in the Arts) and so my budget didn’t quite stretch to this little tapestry beauty at over £250! I put my scraps and stitching to good use in time for her birthday this week, not least of all as she has taken it upon herself to leave the country in two months’ time for the sake of a boy.


It must be love! Particularly if he is happy to have these slightly girly examples in his bachelor pad!

The story behind the one below is a long and silly one involving home movies, an 18month old sis in rubber ring and a bellowy, bossy older sis trying to enforce the ‘You’re not allowed to jump into the pool until your toes are over the edge of the tiles’ rule… using the time-honoured method of SHOUTING IN FACE.


IMG_2722Needless to say, the still-chilled-out little sis just stood there taking the shouting, which is not dissimilar to how we operate now.

God I love her and God I’m going to miss her.

That boy had better be worth it.


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