Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catering for a small family army


Mum, Dad and little sis to say to see a fabulous friend on the National Theatre stage in a fabulous show!

Dinner of the sis’ favourite foods: prosciutto e melone to start, Spanish chicken and chorizo stew for main and then the dessert…

August 2009

To continue the continental summery theme, I thought I would christen the wedding ramekins that were still in their box and make this Spanish Orange Creme Caramel… The caramel was a bust to start with and, after vigorously stirring in error, had to throw it out and start again.

Not to worry, got it right second time (not without boiling hot sugar caramel burn to thumb but y’know, no pain…) and poured custard mix into the bain marie. Into the oven and onto the washing up. Whereupon I found the sugar that should have been added to the custard.


Needless to say, the custards did not set, the semi-cooked orange omelettes have gone down the sink and I am still trying to dig rock hard caramel from the bottom of porcelain ramekins. Any suggestions for Ask Aggie style fixes to this conundrum, do get in touch!

IMG_2717I had made chocolate cherry cupcakes for the next day’s picnic (her fave pudding combination) but after the disastrous above, I pulled these out the cupboard and all was well. Domestic goddess aura fades slightly… but not wholly tarnished….

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