Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bump at 22 weeks

The bump continues to grow apace and I’m doing my best with the bits I have (god love Duro dresses – thanks to the gorgeous Erin, I have about five in my wardrobe and have been wearing them on rotation) My autumn wardrobe is traditionally some variation of a-line skirt, little jumper/cardigan and knee high boots. As the days when I could get into those skirts are long gone, I’m intrigued to see what I come up with this year!

IMG_2672 IMG_2675

It’s a funny one, pregnancy. I had this idea in my head that it was pretty much just wearing an increasingly larger backpack on your belly for 9 months with little other variation to your life or wellbeing.

Oh how wrong can you be??

At 22 weeks, my lower backache has come into play approximately 2 months before the books say it will, which bodes well for the rest of the year! I look like an old woman whenever I shift from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. Getting into bed has never been so sexy, let me tell you!

Hair – flat as a pancake (more so than usual)

Nails – NOT blossoming but in fact cracking and splitting like nothing on earth

Me – clumsy and absent minded (more so than usual)

But – it is now kicking and squirming. The first pummel was felt during the recent Harry Potter film, then during a conversation about Ebay – so The Boy is very proud. If it doesn’t start wiggling when I’m next in a vintage shop, I’m going to start asking questions about progeny…

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