Thursday, October 16, 2008

Extended Delay and imminent countdown!

Hello all and so many apologies for being absent for so very long!

It's been incredibly busy around here as you can imagine and it seems that today is 17 days to the wedding!!! OH MY GOODNESS.

That's all that I can say at the moment. On loop.


The end of September saw a beautifully civilised crafty Hen party with fascinator making followed by DIVINE dinner at a London restaurant


Delirious grins of silliness are due wholly to the fabulousness of the day and nothing at all to do with the scrumptious cocktails!

IMG_1227 IMG_1211

The Boy had his stag in the stunning Kent countryside on an incredibly sunny weekend in September. Shooting, Pubbing, Extreme tabletennis and Gin were the highlights of the weekend...

DSC06400 DSC06402

I think I enjoy most the token milk jug in the fridge. Oh and the Chateau Cardboard on the right.

This weekend it's pampering in Champneys, St Albans, then hair next week and we're into the home straight to 1 November.

Oh my goodness.

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