Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jobs Jobbed

We're into the home straight and it's been pretty productive around here...I even managed to claim a moment at the Knitting & Stitching Show on work time...


Requiring cocktails in volume...and stitching in moderation


Bridesmaids Presents have been made and distributed so now you can see what the two gorgeous girls got...

A satchel decorated with yoyos/suffolk puffs (my new favourite crafty thing)


Notelets with their initial letter on with matching envelopes

Snuggly warm slippersIMG_1242

...the bookworm got a Booklovers' Journal...

...and the Sis got the fabulous I'm so Popular address book that I earmarked for her a very long time ago...IMG_1245

All wrapped in on-theme navy & cream wired vintage ribbon, courtesy of VV Rouleaux.


The other fabulous friends and family who have [been roped in]graciously offered to help us with our wedding preparations have their presents all wrapped and ready to give out on the day, but I can't tell you what they're getting quite yet...

IMG_1231 IMG_1232

The Sis has been over amassing the 130 mini jam jars into table allocations, labelling the different varieties (featuring strawberry, blackberry, redcurrant, raspberry and blackcurrant jams), covering the lids in on-theme fabric circles and tied on parcel labels of the names of each guest.


Then we packed them into boxes to go to the venue this week, arranged by table for ease of distribution.


And so of course, there was the table plan

IMG_1260    IMG_1248

And finally, the flower girl presents which, along with antique pearl-esque necklaces, they will be presented with on the morning.

Can you see the resemblance to the dolls and the gorgeous sisters?


T-minus five days. Am watching my skin and the weather with a close eye: two things I can fret about with absolutely no ability to alter the path of destiny, which surprisingly calms me down somewhat.

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paola said...

Those jam jars look SO pretty. Such a cool idea. And I love the flower girl dolls...