Saturday, September 27, 2008

Table Planning

Has been surprisingly easy. God love my geek-chic Boy, of course he found a computer programme to make the whole episode run smoothly.

It takes a while to input all the information, but the pure wealth of detail that you can add to each individual (VIP, not to be sat near x, female, vegetarian etc etc) means it does most of the table planning calculations all by itself eventually. You can select the number, shape and location of all the tables with the easy to navigate buttons on the left.

Once one table is correct, you can lock it to protect it from later reshuffles and keep working on others.

It then produces lists, diagrams, place cards, RSVP records and even statistical success rates in pleasing as many guests as possible!

Table plan

Can't recommend it highly enough.

And no, I'm not being paid to be so enthusiastic!

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