Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weddingbee Wonders

For a community forum the Weddingbee wonder is really a very useful wedding planning resource. I read it devotedly when I was unengaged but since starting to plan my own nuptials it has become more useful as a tool for ideas than for the interest in reading about other celebrations themselves.

For example, I was searching for a piece of classical music that had interest and tempo but wasn't one of the tried and tested traditional wedding march works. Google it into the Weddingbee search facility and I came up with this post. Got me to YouTube and fell in love with this piece.

Hey presto, my walking up the aisle music is chosen...

This ideas factory helped again when designing our invitations. The Boy had chosen a script font that I was not quite into although it worked perfectly fine. I had a quick google on the boards and sure enough, found a script that won't break the bank but does make me happy.

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