Thursday, December 13, 2007

Outfits for a Winter Wedding

As the winter wedding continues, I am failing to convince my friends (who are now known as 'guests' in most conversations with the Boy) that they could be frugal and purchase their outfits for our wedding in the Christmas sales this year. Needless to say, the day is not even close to as important to them as it is to me and they find my 10 month pre-planning faintly ridiculous.

I care not a jot and herewith offer them advice.

The above page is taken from October Vogue's supplement (provided by Next - bleurgh but occassionally hmmmm in my humble opinion...) and offers some cute suggestions of non-black but wintery and warm looking outfits with coverups that go beyond the regulation pashmina.

For a winter wedding I would suggest the following considerations:

Layers of glam and warmth: sequins with cashmere, brocades with fur, satin and velvet in rich jewel colours

Chunky heels and warm tights will ensure that frost, rain or snow will be of little concern. Stilettos and straps are probably best left in the wardrobe for this one.

I got very excited about the new Hobbs shoppable website, particularly with the sale starting today. I've been disappointed to find, though, that they've not quite finished debugging it and clicking on flat shoes (oh the shame) inexplicably takes you to jewellery and miniskirts....
They have, though, put together an outfit finder and suggest this rather lovely affair for a winter wedding.

Once they sort out their searches and metadata this should be a veritable treasure trove of luxurious but suitably demure glam for a cold and frosty nuptial.

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