Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry and Bright

The little lady’s big ZERO-THREE is coming thick and fast…

We’ve decided to not try to ignore the fact that her birthday is a fortnight before Christmas and this year will be throwing a generic holiday/celebration/bash type event instead of our usual *shuts ears and eyes and pretends it’s not Christmas until after her birthday* type birthday party.

I fell in love with the festive retro spin of this collection from Party Pieces but I’m darned if I’m going to ship in a ready-made party theme… Having got a bit pin-happy on the-addictive-site-that-shall-not-be-named (come find me there – I’m ALWAYS on it), I’ve been slowly piecing together reds, white, spots, ginghams, wreaths and printables to bring a touch of sparkle to a hired village hall at the start of a likely grey December afternoon.

Have also enjoyed putting together this oh-so-simple styrofoam-and-felt concoction *with* her one afternoon so that will form an element of the decorations too I’m sure.


Watch this space for adventures in baking… She has requested a pink rainbow cake with lots of sprinkles… Never one for subtlety so we’ll see how we go…

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