Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crafting with Unofficial Materials

No matter where you look, there is inspiration to be found. There are bits and bobs all around your house that are just waiting to be purloined and repurposed, as I have found to my delight on the wonderful ‘From Trash to Treasures’ group on Ravelry.

I’ve had a thought for a while of making placemats out of parcel string for my parents’ house. Their dining table is in a conservatory and placemats always fade in an instant when exposed to such constant and strong sunshine. The ‘outside-in’ elemnt of string placemats has also piqued my interest…

However, a basic search of patterns yielded nothing at all. I think this is most likely because the ‘yarn’ doesn’t exist as an official individual catalogued yarn and therefore it’s difficult to pin down…I then remembered that I can search by projects and so hunted for ‘twine’ in projects.

Wowsers what a source of inspiration and wonder…

Bufordsmom’s Crochet bags

Catfluff’s Deluxe String Bag with gorgeous trim applique

Yarnyday’s beaded placemat

Wubbahed’s Jute-a-long Handbag

PumeZA Doily Rug

Ikasatka's pot&glass-holder

RaeA’s Messenger Bag with extraordinary handles – you can read more about her work here

KellyLane6’s Round Cushion with string, rather than twine

Mocakava’s Miragamo bag with leather handles specifically commissioned from a local craftsman for such a fabulously professional finish.

A post on patterns and other official routes to achieve this gorgeous look to follow… :-)

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