Friday, June 08, 2012

The Chateau of Princes

P1090760 P1090666

The incredibly imposing and vast estate of the Chateau de Conde was the setting for the wedding that took the Boy and I over to sunny France over the jubilee weekend. We were sad to miss the extended and exciting celebrations, not least of all the street party that I had to pass on to other neighbours to organise this time. However, it was hard not to forget the British jubilations in such splendour and celebrations as we experienced on the south side of the Channel…P1090672P1090684

Waiting before the service in front of the glorious Chateau, then walking over to the village of Vallery’s church before the service… The bridesmaids and exceedingly cute flower girls were dressed from Monsoon, though they don’t seem to be available anymore on the site.


The groom is a Major in the Marines so there were plenty of uniforms to feast your eyes upon as well, if you were able to tear your glances away from the stunning bride. My friend runs marathons for FUN (I know, I don’t understand that sentence, either) and my the figure she gets from such ridiculous activity shows! An utterly stunning lace and silk dress with whispy train and floating veil for the church.  P1090703 P1090747

A knight in shining armour was demanded by the bride, and one of the groomsmen obliged with full regalia.

P1090752The dinner that followed was delicious, finished off with the scrumptious cake cut by no less than the Sword of Galahad, not to be confused with the Sword of Gryffindor… Two very different weapons…

The cake was by a friend of the bride, who I later discovered was no less than Rachel of Rachelle’s Cakes, one of the contributors to the Natural Wedding Book and a guest speaker at the upcoming Cake and Bake Show in September. I will do a separate post on her creations, but I can confirm that her cakes are even more delicious than they look.

All in all, an utterly splendid way to spend a few days in the sunshine. I’m sure her Maj won’t mind too much that we missed her party.

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