Sunday, April 01, 2012

One Week One Pattern: An Overview

Thanks so much again to Tilly & The Buttons for this project. I really enjoyed trying out the variations that can be done with this skirt (not that many!) and was incredibly grateful for the warm weather as most of the skirts are unlined (or at least not lined in static-resist lining) and thus don’t sit all that well with tights underneath!

Herewith the seven skirts and seven outfits in their array of bad pictures!

P1090273 P1090283 P1090286 P1090337 P1090297 P1090300 P1090309

So here they are…

I’ve learned I’ve got lots of accessories that I rarely use…

I’ve learned I have a stash of plain tops for a reason –

I’ve learned that sometimes there is no answer to ‘Why??’ (ie sorry, why are you wearing the same pattern all week – cos the internet told me to – yes, but WHY??)

I’ve learned that wearing skirts on the Mummy-circuit gets you LOTS of comments, and that in comparison to others I have spoken to, I have a very large wardrobe of skirts and dresses, that I really should make sure I wear more.

Thanks, Tilly. I’ve had such a fun week!

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mahaila said...

It looks like you had a successful 'One week one pattern' week:) The skirts look great on you!