Friday, October 14, 2011

Blue Poppy Jewellery

Love it when you come across a designer who has your very same aesthetic. Hannah Shuckberg is excellent at finding them on her blog hanpicked… I’m still working on collating my pretty things – mostly through rampant amounts of online procrastination of housework (ahem… research) and then popping here to write it down to find later…

Today I came across this rather splendid designer, about whom I can find nearly nothing at all. I do have a bit of a hankering for most of her work though, with these reaching the upper echelons of the wanties

lemon quartz earrings $70

morse code necklace $70

And finally, the wonderfully explained sisterhood bracelet $62:

The constellation Pleiades, also known as the seven sisters, has held a special place in the human imagination throughout history. This hardwood bracelet has been inlaid with tiny drops of silver to represent this star formation as a reminder of the unconditional bond between sisters.

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