Monday, November 15, 2010

Were you sitting comfortably? Were you listening?

Approximately one hour and forty-five minutes into this show and you will hear my dulcet crafty tones describing to Simon Mayo how to make a teapot costume for a 10 year old girl who has been cast as Mrs Potts of Beauty and the Beast…

I emailed in the details below and ten minutes later, received a call from the Radio 2 studio and forty minutes later was chatting with Mr Mayo himself!

For those who really actually want to make the costume, my suggestions were:

Teapot costume idea for a non-sewing mummy for a 10year old daughter:

An oversized white long sleeved t-shirt for adults with white tights and white bobble hat.

If you connect one sleeve to the tights or hip of the tshirt and then fill with a strip of pipe insulation that will get your spout.

The other sleeve can be permanently up with a bit of insulation foam at the top to hold the spout...

A length of elastic run around the bottom of the t-shirt will hoik it up around the hips and then the abdomen can be stuffed or wrapped with quilting wadding to 'round' her out a bit.

A bobble hat will be the lid, and a bit of fabric paint to be the floral design on the middle along with a stripe around the hem will do it....

Feel free to call me on the number below to explain in more detail but this should work, for not much money and not much time/skill requirements!!!

As I said to my friends, autographs and appearances can be coordinated through my PA, Matilda.

Excited beyond all measure… And sorry for not mentioning the blogosphere and my little shop – I got worried that the BBC would immediately cut me off for plugging and advertising!

Any lurkers lurking on the radio and heard me??

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