Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting festive

xmasbunting_02What a year. I didn’t think I’d be in ‘this place’, and certainly not so soon, but I’m delighted to say I’m enjoying the bubbly build up to the looming holidays. Signs it’s getting a bit jolly in these parts:

::Christmas bunting listed and selling in my Folksy shop::

::White Company Winter candle lit ::

::enjoyed my first glass of mulled wine at the local Christmas Light Switch-On ::

::dried fruit currently steeping in sherry in readiness for Stir Up Thursday::

::began the not-at-all subtle magenta pink and red taffeta and organza spectacular that I secretly wished I owned for Tilly to wear to various parties and events in December::

On more wintery, but rather less festive-focused news, I yesterday finished off a slightly-more-practical sweater which successfully hid a multitude of food stains and milk dribbles for a WHOLE DAY. Gotta love a good chunky fair-isle-effect yarn!

And thus, we are festive and poised for mince pies, gingerbread and snow…

To help in my endeavours…

Our street is currently up for nomination in the Sainsburys Perfect Christmas competition which will result in a festive street party complete with snow, choir, fireworks, food, bubbles and so forth for the winners! Last winter, our road was snowed in, and this autumn the resulting baby boom has been popping left right and centre. There are now over 20 under 4s in our road, with 9 born in the last two months. What with sleep deprivation and an endless cycle of laundry and sterilising, we could do with some help on the party front.

And so, loyal blogland, please head over here and click to support us!

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alivaux said...

such a beautiful little girl in a beautiful sweater!