Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Baby, The Boy and the Pincushion…

Yesterday was fun.

The Boy described it well. I will leave it in his words to explain what we’ve been up to…

Good story....
Tilly had her first visit to hospital (she's home and fine before you worry)
She’s had a cold and cough since last Thursday – her first day after nursery! – but has generally been in good spirits.
Yesterday evening H turned her back on T for a minute in front room,
all obvious things well out of reach....came back into room seconds
later to find Tilly, pin cushion in hand with a few pins out on
floor....did she eat one....or not….
Seemed to be fine for rest of evening and went to bed as normal.Cried at about 11pm...disappointing we thought...H went into her and
next I heard was scream from Helen. Went running to Tilly’s room to see
in half light baby vomit in two huge patches on the sheet and Tilly heaving on her hands and knees at one end... But the patches were red....hence Helen’s scream....blood from the damaged gut from pin???....on closer inspection was more purply than red....what had Tilly had for dinner...pasta sauce with her main, and summer fruits for pudding...all very red/purple. Either way Tilly very distressed by whole thing as she's never been properly sick before.
She seems ok. We decide it isn't blood, but decide to keep close eye
on her so move travel cot into our room. Restless night for us both,
waking constantly to listen out for Tilly noise. Seems ok in morning.
Has her milk, dramatically vomits it back up a few minutes later. Hmm, just a virus or is there something going on in her gut what with the pins etc?? Decide to watch during day and see how she goes. I go to work. H calls at lunchtime increasingly worried as T been vomiting everything she
drinks. Dry nappies. I'm meant to be presenting at various meetings
but drive home to see Tilly, and bring her back to A&E...Leave her
there with one of the Paeds doctors, run off to present at meeting. Come back, she's smiling at all the staff, making everyone laugh....typical. Put special metal detector up to her...silence....relief, except is only designed for detecting swallowed coins and batteries etc...Fear the pin may be too small to be found anyway… Decide to get xray to confirm.
Meanwhile I'm on call so running up and down between wards. Xray shows what looks suspiciously like a pin in her stomach...oh Lord. We discuss with consultant radiologist, having already had two paediatric consultants involved...he's not convinced. We get senior radiographer over to examine the film used to take xray...could small scratch cause similar
appearance...?? There is small scratch....but how can we be sure...if
there is pin would need surgery or endoscopy (camera down
throat)...Persuade radiographer to repeat xray...2 films later and it
turns out there was no pin afterall....and Tilly not vomiting anymore.
We brought a smiley but tired Tilly and a wholeheartedly stressed Helen home.
What a fiasco. She seems fine this evening, no more vomiting as yet.
Suspect just viral infection continuing from the cold causing and pin
complete red herring...but all very stressful!

Deep joy. Have decided (!) that she is a bit of a minx and nosey little so-and-so and have, to be honest, been quite relieved today to have the ‘excuse’ to sit on the floor and give her one-to-one attention all day long. Have now managed to catch the cold that she brought home so little movement, much playing and much walking with cart full of bricks.

And no pincushions within a 12 mile radius.

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