Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making a Building Block Cake for a Baby Party

So anyway, after I created a beautifully smooth white square cake, I took the leftover white icing and coloured it red, using the much adored Gel Colouring recommended by the ol’ faithful, Nigella. Cos I’m lazy and scared, I bought the pink icing pre-mixed, and so just had to come up with a red-ish tone to coordinate.  


The bottom edges were decorated with icing twisted ropes, that we created by rolling two long snakes of each colour and then gently easing together in a twist. I had hoped to do it in one long rope, and I’m sure more experienced folk could. Ours kept snapping, so some splendorous ingenuity turned the gaps into spaces for building blocks and the ‘issue’ was rectified!


For the building blocks, I did some hunting and discovered the most simple looking technique would be to mould some icing blobs into cubes and ice the letters on later.


Thanks to the warm weather, the blocks ended up being quite sticky. Once we’d modelled them and lightly placed them on the cake, I made up some water icing to stick them down with, but this turned out redundant. The stickiness of block to cake was just fine and the little suckers aren’t going anywhere!


Writing icing in the form of tub with associated nozzles formed the ‘icing on the cake’ as it were, and I piped her name onto the blocks with a steady and smooth pressure (and not a little anxiety!)


The corner blocks, hiding the gaps in rope, are decorated with simple hearts and my work was done!


I’m delighted with the result, and hopefully this will enable you to have a go at doing the same, either to your own wedding cake, or to a newly-made delight. 


And here it is… in situ…

P1040864 P1040867

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