Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I have a theory…

In order to open up a smart little lifestyle boutique, you must simply come up with the fabulous name.

Find a lovely garden herb or plant.

Follow it with the corresponding colour of that plant.

Squash the two together as if they were one word and hey presto!

I give you…




All full of smashing, marvellous, delectable wares to create your little-bit-like-Cath-Kidston-Kirstie-Alsop-Country-Living-Boden-Toast-home.

Yum yum and woe to my wallet.

I predict such future delights as:




RosePink (woops this one is already taken…!)

If you would like to set up your very own lifestyle boutique using my tried and tested formula, I have given you the recipe for success for free. Go forth and make your millions.

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