Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping busy

I went to a stress management course a few years ago and determined that on one hand, it is important for each of us to accept and acknowledge all the many and varied strings to our bows that we attempt to pluck/strum/fiddle with simultaneously and therefore accept how very busy and clever we are to remain standing at the same time… On the other hand, though, I was shown how important it is to my sanity and sense of self to create a veritable cacophony with all the many and various strings I keep taut at any one time… Perhaps as long as you’re able to acknowledge all that you’re playing you will be more likely to hear whether you’re creating a tune or a ear-bleeder…

Right, that’s enough of that metaphor. Suffice to say, at the moment I’m torn between attempting to do nothing but be at one with my child and getting fun things done in order to make me feel that each day has been well spent.


It doesn’t help that the Boy is currently on nights and so I’ll be with the Tilster 24 hours a day until Friday lunchtime. To add insult to injury, on Saturday I will be co-hosting a table at a local craft fair and so perhaps, this week, I will attempt to focus on two tasks alone.


Being at ONE with a short-tempered and short-attention-spanned baby and MAKING STUFF in order to be able to hold my head high and my table FULL come the weekend.

Busy but focussed but chilled but happy but not over-stretched and not over-tired and not over-wraught…


In theory… 

Images of recent busy-ness – Nigella’s Black and White tart and a Tea Mitten Cosy for a gorgeous friend’s birthday pressie.

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