Thursday, September 10, 2009


That’s it.


I’ve resisted for so long.

I’ve been cautious to avoid situations that would lead to over-exposure.

Then I was taken to Stitch n Bitch.

And I turned a rather billious shade of green.

And then I caught the bug.

 wrist (1)

I got taught how to cast on…

And then I was off…


And there was no stopping me.

And I took the plunge and started to attack the birthday present (from the wonderfully thoughtful godmother) with aplomb.


And I haven’t slept or washed in days… (that bit’s not actually true….)

And all I do now is frequent charity shop wool baskets and get RSI in my right wrist (to match the chronic seemingly unstoppable preggers-related lower back pain) and lust over Ravelry and break my keyboard with the drool.


Anonymous said...

Ravelry is dangerous isn't it? But you've got a reason to make all those lovely baby things!

casino party said...

My wife started knitting all sorts of things for our baby. Go on, any excuse for knitting. I really like the clothes too.

Wedding Venue Leeds said...

My wife is expecting now, I just hope I don't lose her to knitting! Seems quite addictive..