Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crafty Round Up

As promised, here are a few images, projects and ideas that have been inspiring me/breaking me out in a sweat…

So simple and so effective chunky baby blankets

Gorgeous tutorial, scrummy colours (for some reason vaguely reminiscent of ice cream but maybe that’s just pregnant munchies seeing pudding in all places…)


Do you ever have that moment where you have just read about something or someone and then suddenly everywhere you turn that’s all you can see? I’m having that at the moment with Charley Harper.

It started out as a needlepoint recommendation on Apartment Therapy

Which turned into a ‘wanna make this for my mum’ type manhunt…


Then suddenly he’s everywhere I turn…I jaunced myself to the Design Museum on Friday to see Mariscal and Supercontemporary (my love of maps of London knows no bounds) and positively salivated upon seeing this which I fear may have to be added to the list of ‘too good for the children that I know and therefore on my own Christmas list instead’:


The Mariscal exhibition, which I did not go specifically to see, was so much fun! There were three animated dioramas which were so silly and fun and silly and giggly and… well… fun! You can view them here. (The video is RUBBISH but you get the idea better than a still image! Hopefully they will upload one with better sound shortly.)

Then I got all excited about needlepoint generally and got some bits and bobs at the local car boot…


Must do something with that doily… inspiration here to plunder

And then I got all excited about mini needlepoint projects in embroidery hoops…

from this gorgeous shop

from this gorgeous shop 

from this gorgeous shop

Oh blimey. It’s probably just as well that I’ve got maternity leave coming up – I’m feeling a crafting flurry kicking in in time for Christmas pressies…

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