Friday, March 20, 2009

Pronovias Preview

Looks like asymmetric is all the rage next season...


Not sure I'm a big fan... I'm always a bit anxious that it may date before the photos are back from the photographer!

I'm afraid I'm firmly entrenched in the high necks and sleeves that I ended up choosing...


Segovia 2009


From top:

Gabriella and Cher (2010 preview collection)

Segovia and Senegal (2009 collection)

All can be seen at their website.

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dvaux said...

I'm with you Helen. Definitely NOT a fan of what has been called "the Wilma Flintstone look". It always looks like whoever sewed the dress didn't know how to construct a strapless bust, or they didn't know how to get two sets of sleeves or straps to be symmetrical. I think it makes younger women look like they're wearing a costume and older women like they're trying to look young. The one-shoulder look was used so heavily in so many of the Spring and Summer collections (and now the Fall lines) that I can't imagine it's going to stay popular for much longer.