Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Honeymooning Day 12 Thursday - LAST DAY!

IMG_1916Our last day as official honeymooners dawned grey and dark with a power cut overnight having us shower in the black. All restored for breakfast in Le Ballon Rouge's restaurant area where a chance encounter with an unidentified male (guest? owner? neighbour?) gave a suggestion and reservation for lunch. Apparently we revealed ourselves as Cap Cognoscenti (!) rather than tourists and thus a dining 'experience' was promised.

We packed and departed at 10am with five hours until we were required at the airport for our trip home.

IMG_1920 IMG_1958 IMG_1924 IMG_1935

A meandering drive through the winelands with a desperate and persistent sun finally breaking through the drizzle. A spontaneous and very pleasant stop at seemingly tourist trap Boschendal preempted the imminent coachloads (what's wrong with winetasting at 11am?) to give ample chance for touring the manor house, rose gardens, herbery and cellars. The Boy spied a HUGE pair of stunning hand-blown wine glasses and after not inconsiderable deliberation we returned to purchase and begin and long and delicate hand luggage journey back to St Albans.


Lunch at the booked 96 Winery Road was FABULOUS. Gorgeous food, painfully reasonable and a 'wine flight' menu of 4 course-matched wines for 50rand (about £6). Scrumptious. Got my whisky cheesecake to go (!) as I was far to full but unwilling to pass up dessert.

IMG_1977 IMG_1984

A sunny and brief drive to the airport, returning car and the beginning of 20 hours in the air. Tipsy Helen trying to hold onto the last few moments during the drive to the airport. I don't think it shows that I've been drinking at lunchtime at all,does it??


Honeymoons for us no more...


This is definitely not an ending. Among many favourite moments, up at the top has to be munching melt-in-the-mouth calamari at Knysna harbour, drinking Fat Bastard with the manager chatting to us. When we mentioned it was our 'weekaversary', he smiled: 'That makes sense. We thought there was a bit of a glow around you two.'

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