Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tacking Bridesmaids...

ruthThat would be tacking not tacky... That is, tacking the dresses together.

Silk arrived in all its glory.

Pattern got ordered.

Toile in black linen was tried on by bridesmaid No 1. Strap issues noted, along with note to self to not photograph a dark dress against a dark stairway...

full lengthFirst mock-up made in the actual sapphire silk to take to Bridesmaid No 2 (also Sis No 1) in the US next week. As she's a smidgen smaller than me, I was able to try hers on me while clenching everything possible. Note the ruckles around the posterior where it just would not budge an inch lower... Hmmmmm....

Had slight issue with the shoulder pieces as the sharpness of the angle seems to be much exagerrated on the pattern envelope. Have recut the straps a few times and pinning managed to achieve this look.

I think it's getting there, don't you?


NB 1: You should note the wedding planning timeline on the door in the background. Wedding planners aren't just 9-5 dontcha know?

NB 2: Excuse the Sunday Chic. Gardening + walk in the country + photographs on world wide web = not a great look.

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