Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tewin Bury Farm Hertfordshire

Our first barn, our first foray into the wedding service proper...

As you drive into the farm complex, you are greeted by a parking area to the right, a small bridge over the River Momra and an elaborate sign directing you variously to the Restaurant, Hotel Reception, four spaces available to hire and appropriate further parking for each of these venues. There is space on the signs for A4 sheets for the names of each party (eg 'Adam & Eve's Wedding') so there is no doubt for your guests. I have to admit to finding this rather off-putting, if informative, betraying the breadth of facilities offered by this highly competent and efficient venue, but slightly de-romanticising the occassion as you realise just how much of a succesful business has been achieved here.

The barn space, pictured above, is beautifully restored and perfectly self-contained. The barn itself seats 120 with seating for a further 30 split between the balcony and a side-area divided by open beams from the main space. The outside space (exclusively yours during the hire time) is well-manicured including a gorgeous little bridge over the main mill-wheel in the river and also a separate bar area that could act as the 'quiet zone' for those who may tire of the festivities later in the evening.

The on-site restaurant and the hotel rooms (from which the business developed) are both at a high standard and certainly would be welcoming and relaxing for guests.

We decided, however, that the proximity to other celebrations and the fact that our pushing 140 guests may be divided around the space, were not quite suited to our visions.

The search continued...

Images taken from our own site-visit. More details and further information available from the slick and helpful website.

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