Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beginner Sewing Tutorial Roundups

There are so many beautiful and inspiring ideas for what to make once you’ve mastered the basics of sewing… A number of the students of my Learn to Love Your Sewing Machine class ask what to do next… here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…


How about a simple drawstring bag? I spent a while thinking these were utterly useless beyond that annoying ‘first Home Ec project’ until I had Tils…. and her toys… So many little pieces… And so few come with their own long term storage solution… These are great for puzzles, games, goody bags, craft project bags or for wrapping awkward items… Made in a pretty lightweight cotton they also work as laundry bags for holidays or children’s rooms… As Cath Kidston can testify

P1090477Storage baskets are another simple and useful make that will make your life easier… and more pretty… and maybe more organised…

In the Learn to Love Your Sewing Machine class we make a simple pillow… There are a few ‘frills’ you can add to the basics that we taught to send it into the realm of utterly fabulous… Tooth fairy pillow? Buttons? Letters? Pretty trims… The options are endless and easily findable… Ultimately, there are lots of lovely ideas out there to explore. Pinterest, blogs, company websites like Good Housekeeping, Channel4 and Hobbycraft all offer a range of ideas and lessons.

Happy stitching and crafting!

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