Saturday, February 02, 2013

Garter stitch tea cosy

I've been enjoying putting together my summer programme for Homespun Living and also for Lavender Green, a homeware shop that's branching out into craft workshops.

Working out what's possible in the timeframe of a workshop is a tricky business. Too much to do and the student goes away feeling overwhelmed or worse, disappointed at not being able to achieve the class objectives. Too little to do, and the student may feel bored or that they have not had value for money. Also, as the classes are supposed to be fun, there is a fine line to tread in not filling up the class so much that there is no time for tea, cake, chat and laughter.

With all this in mind, I have abandoned my thoughts of producing a teacosy in an introduction to knitting workshop lasting three hours. The project is great for many reasons but perhaps not in a 3 hour session. It is perfect for consolidating garter stitch as well as learning seaming, yarn over eyelet rows and also the rose adornment includes knit front and backs too.

And so... I have decided to share this oh so basic pattern on here, in part so I can pass the link on to workshop participants and also to enable new stitches to have another idea of things to do with garter stitch squares

Watch this space for an uploaded pattern shortly… :-)

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