Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wasp Bag – my new BFF

I just had to dedicate a whole post to this fabulous pattern.

My long-serviced Accessorise handbag had finally begun to give up the ghost. I LOVE my golden yellow Breagha handbag, but sadly Harris Tweed is not ideal for hot summer days… I began searching the internet for inspiration and ideas for a summer version, thinking I could raid my stash, maybe, for the right pattern…

P1090624-001And what a pattern! The use of the thrifted leather belt for shoulder strap reminded me of a scrap length of gold leather I ‘liberated’ from a wardrobe department I once worked in, and I FINALLY found a use for my favourite ever piece of printed canvas (it’s either linen, silk or cotton twill – it’s a dense weave, but is very light in weight and doesn’t crease like linen, so I’m veering towards silk…) that I found in a bin at a charity shop for about 50p.





I took it out this morning for the first time, with Tilly in tow… This is a rundown of the contents this morning:

  • wallet
  • keys
  • phone
  • sunglasses (in case)
  • three lipbalms
  • large Factor 50 suncream
  • Tshirt, leggings and pants in case of ‘accident’
  • Tilly’s sunglasses
  • water bottle
  • business card holder
  • 2 x hankies
  • cereal bar
  • mini raisins box
  • travel card wallet
  • nail file
  • mints
  • hand sanitiser
  • cheque book
  • pen
  • hair bobble

Suffice to say, this is no pansy-ass bag. This feels substantial, carries your cr*p like the Tardis and still looks stylish.

And yet, it still manages to squeeze itself out of less than 70cm of fabric and only take an evening to knock together.


I *fear* every person I know is going to get one of these for Christmas… Colour/ print requests accommodated on a first come, first served basis…

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