Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Present and Correct

Many and various crafty projects got us through the holiday period pretty much unscathed… A rash of orders and commissions in mid-December put paid to any last-minute selfish crafting that I may have hoped to do, so I thanked my lucky stars that I was slightly diligent mid-November and put some odds and ends of pressies in storage.

There was a yoga bag based on an online pattern (which has now disappeared off the face of blogland) but with side panel loop for storage of yoga mat…


Loopy cowl-y necklet for my Mum based on this stitch pattern


Hat for MIL from this pattern


Baking, eating and nibbling to excess…


P1080816 P1080814

Butter cutout biscuits decorated by Tilly for her birthday party…

Slightly unsuccessful Gooey Chocolate Stack (turns out meringues stick irrecoverably to tin foil) which turned into Gooey Chocolate Bowlful for New Years Eve – tasty in the extreme if rather sickly!

And even managed to squeeze in a little bit of (chunky) me knitting to get on with this Shalom cardigan from a charity-shop Icelandic Lopi haul…


And now onto a proper little stitching spree to put online and get the pennies in…

P1080906 P1080731

All fun and games and now into the New Year, new stock, new ideas phase which I’ll be showcasing soon here. Exciting times! Apologies for the radio silence, and here’s to a productive and tasty 2012!

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