Monday, December 13, 2010

Not on the High Street Prettiness

Tea & Ceremony – printed papers and retro sentiments

Vintage Buttons Notepad

Catherine Aitkin – Scottish tweed purses and bags

Tippi Hebridean Handbag

Sarah Hickey – gloriously tactile and textured jewellery

Citrine And Carnelian Necklace

Breagha – I was lucky enough to be given her yellow Harris tweed bag for Christmas last year (but it was sadly swiftly usurped by a diaper bag, much to my shoulder’s disgust…) This year, she’s gone from Etsy to NOTHS and is even more stunning…and maybe even a little bit more wearable… Though let’s be honest, that yellow is MIGHTY FINE…

Herringbone Harris No More

Gertie and Mabel – decadent and fabulous ribbons and trims – supposedly for wrapping, but I’d only do that if I could guarantee getting them back again after the present’s been revealed…

Vintage Style Danish Ribbon

Get rummaging, get clicking, get link-sending and get some guarantees that you won’t be doomed with a White Musk bathroom kit or another &^%*%^%* fondue set come the 25th of the month…

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