Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stitching and not too much bitching

Oh it is so very satisfying being creative.

Does that sound nauseating?? I mean it in its most sincere way.

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A little knitted picnic for my 6 year old goddaughter’s birthday. The basket was a post-Easter sale find at Waitrose – the sum total of charity shop yarn and basket was about £12. Hoorah.

Patterns found on many and various websites including:

Sandwiches adapted from Jean Greenhowe here.

Knitted doughnut here.

Knitted strawberries here.

Pie slices and battenburg from this lovely little tome of patterns.

And cupcake pattern purchased from the GORGEOUS Little Cotton Rabbits.


The exception of the creativity came in the form of the SCRUMPTIOUS lemon meringue pie made for us by the gorgeous Emily and Emilie (one cousin, one friend) . The happy travellers made a very generous but entirely uneventful stop on their world tour of travelling extravaganza to sunny St Albans and enjoyed the delights of a home kitchen, mixing up mac’n’cheese, pancakes, cookies and suchlike. The highlight of their trip was the daily pooping escapade of my delightful daughter and endless episodes of Friends.

The fun never stops around here.

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