Monday, February 08, 2010

Smiles and jumpers

Wowser, I know I'm biased but what a little smile! Tilly has been practicing her smiling muscles for a few weeks now but has only just certainly demonstrated that she smiles when she is happy and not just when her bowels are squirming! We haven't quite had laughs yet, but it's great to have her little beam at the end of a long day of damp muslins and warming bottles.

I was told by another similarly-addled parent that the smile is the gift that Mother Nature gives you at 6 weeks to get you through the next few months. By a month and a half in, you are desperate for any interraction and recognition. This is the means by which children don't get left out with the dustbin but worm themselves into their parents' hearts.

I can testify that that certainly was required in this house!!

Good to see the sweater in action too. Thought I'd better get it on her while it was still nippy outside as Spring seemed just around the corner...And then it went from 8degrees and sunny to sleet and snow and 1degree again.

Come back, bluebells! I'm ready to run through fields and skip in the blossom.

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