Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Honeymooning Day 8 Sunday

IMG_1602Left Knysna early this morning to drive to Port Elizabeth before the evening. A quick detour via Plettenburg Bay to say hello to the beautiful view before a stop in Monkeyland, a walk in the forest over a 23m high rope bridge then tea on the terrace, protecting our sunglasses from marauding lemurs.





Birds of Eden to follow, then a walk along Tsitsikama Reserve Beach front to the breathtaking Storms River Mouth. Officially my new-found 'happy place'. Sadly, the renowned bridge was closed off due to recent fires and rock falls, but an alternative walk to cove rocks proved well worth the detour.


The sound of the breaking sea-waves, the river meeting the tide and the slow erosion of ebb and flow while settled with the Hubbie will be ingrained on my mind.

 IMG_1682After that, a long two hours driving to PE to a sweet B&B in Happy Valley and an easy dinner in a local caff.

Sleep ready for the morning... lions beckon!!

PS Check out the completely intentional and rather terrifying 'his n hers' khaki... Very fetching... non??

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