Monday, November 24, 2008

Honeymooning Journal Day 3 & 4 Tuesday/Wednesday

A busy and SUNNY couple of days touring Cape Town. Yesterday we did the obligatory red tour bus around the city, climbed Table Mountain (remarkably free of cloud), had a late lunch at the V&A docks and then finished the day at Rick's Morrocan bar (styled en Casablanca) down the road from our scrumptious B&B.


Tintagel Guesthouse has four rooms dating from the 1890s and is just up our street. Central in the Garden district, it's handy and incredibly friendly as well as being surrounded by a series of fab eateries within spitting distance.

IMG_1353 IMG_1360

Tomorrow, we're off to the Botanical Gardens and then driving on to guesthouse number two at Hermanus for whale watching.


Our luggage arrived last night. My husband and I are smiley, happy and entirely at peace. We can single-handedly solve the world's problems and have none of our own. I love him totally and completely and it's humbling to feel so utterly ... *fill in word to complete this sentence-I'm struggling*

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