Friday, August 15, 2008

South Africa Baby!!

I can't believe that I've not shared the biggest update yet... the gorgeous Boy has booked the honeymoon!!
I got to the point that I could not decide between the myriad options and locations and resorts and timezones and budgets and sent him off on a little research foray all his own. After much to-ing and fro-ing, googling and emailing, we have purchased the flights and he has confirmed the following itinerary:
3 days in Cape Town
2 day in Hermanus
2 days in Knysna
1 day in Port Elizabeth
2 days in Shamwari Nature Reserve: Bayethe Lodge
1 day in Cape Town
The only time we're really living it up 5* stylee is at the game reserve - well if you're going to be forced awake at 4.30am for a 5am safari you may as well do it in a posh bed!! Images taken from the Bayethe Lodge section of the Shamwari website - pretty swanky, eh??
Shamwari 2

Shamwari 1

 Shamwari 3

Shamwari 4

We're flying into Cape Town on the Sunday evening after the nuptials so we will be able to have a leisurely breakfast with our guests, pick up our suitcases from home and get to the airport for an 8pm flight. Then it's four days in Cape Town to explore the sights, the vineyards and the wildlife, then driving the Garden Route via Hermanus and Knysna before stopping in Port Elizabeth and then onto a nature reserve for some animal spotting.

safari Then it's back to Cape Town for one night's dinner and fly out the following afternoon.

Although it would be fair to say that this is mostly the Boy's long-time dream and Africa would not have been first and foremost choice for me, I haven't stopped hearing good things about it since booking it a week ago. I'm actually quite excited now: stay tuned for safari fashion tips and explorations in beige linen...


Wedding blogger said...

Woah! This is my ideal honeymoon - I am swiftly directing my 'husband to be' to this page!!!!
Just stumbled across this page and it is great inspiration for my own shindig.
Best of luck for November. You must be getting REALLY excited now!

paola said...

That lodge looks STUNNING. I've always wanted to do this trip and am green with envy...

Liz@The Wedding Bistro said...

What a gorgeous place! It so relaxing and romantic.