Friday, November 09, 2007

Bouquet Spotting

Walking along the beautiful Shad Thames on my way to work this morning I spied something rather delicious. No it was not the Conran cakes nor the gift shop stocking Burts Bees.

It was the Shad Thames florist and their display of wares. They make the most gorgeous bouquets and are the only place that I splurge on flowers. £30 for exquisite bundles of the most extraordinary colour combinations and designs that trump Columbia Road cheapness in their style and display.

And what did I spy this morning? A bouquet of crisp navy and whites! Of course I didn't have my camera with me this morning (that would be too easy) and I'm off to the train station this evening for a weekend away so buying it didn't seem very sensible. Instead, I took notes and promised to return next week. Googling the notes has brought me this combination of colours and I'm delighted to say that it worked. It worked beautifully.

And suddenly I've got butterflies.

Above: Vibernum berries, white agapanthus, anenome and ranunculas.
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