Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Motifs and themes

Deep satisfaction throughout wedding planner central. Fabric arrives promptly from the US, beautiful and high quality cotton destined for waistcoats, baby bridesmaid dresses and even, possibly, fabric covers for jam jar favours if sufficient allows.

A close up of the print and colourway: the background shade is an interesting lovechild of beige and buttercream, possibly even verging on *whisper it* magnolia.*

The clever Boy then took sections from the print and has reproduced them, with the grand plan of having a rubber stamp made to order to be used throughout stationary and signage.

Do you have a preference?

* Tell anyone that I'm having a magnolia themed wedding and people may get hurt.

1 comment:

paola said...

Definitely looks like magnolia to me...

Clever idea re. the rubber stamp. We did the same for our stationer although we did the design ourselves. There was a great rubber stamp shop in Covent Garden which will be able to make the stamp and has all sorts of ideas for inks etc. We ended up using an embossing powder, which gets sprinkled on like glitter and then heated with a heat gun to create a raised surface.

My faves are 2 and 3